How do I register for the Walk?

You can register for the walk by donating to any team, or you can register as an individual if you don’t have a team to join! Registration per walker is just $25, but you will receive an additional exclusive gift if you make a donation of $100. When donating, choose one of the quick value amounts at the top or donate a custom amount that covers the walkers that you are helping to register for. Be sure to list the T-Shirt sizes you need in the appropriate field.

Can I register children?

Absolutely! When registering, choose the “Custom amount” donation and add $10 for each child you would like to register for the walk (in addition to the $25 per adult that have not registered).

Do children get a T-Shirt?

They sure do, and they will look great wearing them! Just list their shirt sizes in the appropriate field on the donation form.

I want to support the Walk for Women, but I don’t want to attend it. What can I do?

You can help by donating to any of the teams and by clarifying that you do not plan to attend the walk in the donation form.